Yezidi Studies Center

Third International Conference on Genocide and Peacebuilding

        The Yezidi Studies Center with Prof. Sebastian Maisel and Dr. Qader Shammo participated in this 2-day academic gathering at Suleimani University from May 29 – 30, 2024. The Center for Genocide and Peacebuilding invited us to lead a panel exclusively on the Yezidi Feminicide/Genocide. Our PhD student Roshna Emin also participated in the panel. Prof. Maisel talked about Genocide and Peacebuilding – The Case of the Yezidis. Dr. Qader´s talk was about Reevaluating Islamic Perspectives on Yezidis in Post-2014 Genocide: Historical Comparisons and Contemporary Initiatives for Coexistence, and Roshna Emin spoke about her PhD topic, Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War and Genocide: The Yezidi Women’s Experience. A lively discussion followed the presentation. After the panel, the YSC team met many new colleagues and scholars expanding our academic network. Two other doctoral students from the Oriental Institute at Leipzig University, Niga Shawkat and Zaid Khalaf Ali, also joined the conference, thus making it a great representation of our team.