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Yezidis in Syria

Yezidis in Syria: Identity Building among a Double Minority traces the development of Yezidi identity on the margins of Syria’s minority context. his little-known group is connected to the community’s main living area in northern 

Yezidis in Iraq

The histories of minorities in the young nation states of the Middle East is one of marginalization, oppression and bloody violence. In the case of the Yezidis, as well as the Armenians in the early twentieth century,

Who are the Yezidis

The subject of this book is the Yezidis, a small group people whose historic and current stronghold is the Kurdish region of northern Iraq,

Maʾsāt al-Ēzidīyīn​

(Eds.) (2009): Maʾsāt al-Ēzidīyīn: al-Farmānāt wa Ḥamalāt al-Ibādah ḍidda l-Kūrd al-Ēzidīyīn ʿabra t-Tārīkh (Yezidi Tragedy: The Campaigns Against the Yezidis Throughout the History). Duhok: Khani Press.

The Kurds

The Kurds: An Encyclopedia of Life, Culture, and Society provides an insightful examination the Kurds—from their historical beginning to today—through thematic and country-specific essays as well as important primary documents that allow for a greater understanding of the diversity and pluralism of the region.

I Won’t Let Them Be Like Me

I Won’t Let Them Be Like Me: Ezidi Women’s Agency and Identity After the Sinjar Genocide: is a publication from the Yezidi Studies series, authored by R. Latham Lechowick, a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, delves into the impact of the 2014 Sinjar Genocide on Ezidi women and the resultant societal transformations.