Yezidi Studies Center

Study Programs

BA level

The Yezidi Studies Center regularly offers courses in Yezidi Studies as part of the BA program Arabic and Islamic Studies. In the Summersemester 2023, Prof. Maisel and Dr. Shammo co-taught the course Trends und Methoden zur Erforschung der (y)ezidischen Religion und Kultur (New Trends and Approaches towards the study of Yezidi religion and culture). In the Wintersemester 2023-24, we offer the course Religiöse Texte und Orte im Yezidentum (Sacred Texts and Spaces in Yezidism).

The YSC offers a research scholarship for students who want to pursue an internship with a YSC affiliated project.

MA level

Soon, the Yezidi Studies Center plans to offer a 2-year MA program in Yezidi Studies. The language of instruction will be English. Proficiency in other language, such as Kurdish and Arabic, is expected. Currently, a number of elective courses that fit into the new curriculum are offered at the Oriental Institute, for example the joint BA/MA course Religiöse Texte und Orte im Yezidentum (Sacred Texts and Spaces in Yezidism).

PhD program

The Yezidi Studies Center runs a program of PhD students who pursue their doctorate in an area that is affiliated with YSC academic mission. There is a concurrent call of applications for this PhD program under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Maisel. Every year we hope to recruit promising PhD candidates from within the Yezidi community and beyond to build the academic capacity of research on Yezidi studies.

Post-doctoral studies

The Yezidi Studies Center in collaboration with the Oriental Institute at Leipzig University encourages application for post-doc projects that fall within our academic mission and goals. Please get in touch with a proposal to conduct your post-doc research at Leipzig University.