Yezidi Studies Center

New Horizons: First Volume of Yezidi Studies Center Series Now Available

        The Yezidi Studies Center in Leipzig University in Germany is thrilled to announce the launch of its first highly anticipated series of publications named “Yezidi Studies”, with the inaugural book titled “I Won’t Let Them Be Like Me: Ezidi Women’s Agency and Identity After the Sinjar Genocide” by esteemed author R. Katham Lechowick.
       The launch of “Yezidi Studies” represents a pivotal moment in the scholarly discourse surrounding Yezidi culture, providing a dedicated platform for researchers and academics to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of Yezidi history, beliefs, and practices. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, the Yezidi Studies Center aims to amplify diverse voices from within the Yezidi community and beyond, fostering greater understanding and appreciation for this ancient and resilient culture.

  Through rigorous research and interdisciplinary collaboration, the “Yezidi Studies” series endeavors to challenge existing paradigms, illuminate untold stories, and foster meaningful dialogue across cultural boundaries. Each publication within the series promises to offer fresh insights and perspectives, enriching the academic landscape and contributing to a deeper understanding of Yezidi heritage.

    Furthermore, the Yezidi Studies Center extends an open invitation to scholars actively working in the field of Yezidi studies to submit their book manuscripts for consideration in future volumes of the series. This inclusive approach reflects the Center’s commitment to nurturing collaboration and promoting the dissemination of diverse perspectives within the academic community.