Yezidi Studies Center

Congratulations to Our First Cohort of PhD students at Leipzig University – Yezidi Studies Center

         The Yezidi Studies Center is pleased to announce the inauguration of its first cohort of PhD students, who start their academic work and research at the Oriental Institute, Leipzig University on October 1, 2023. Over the course of the next years they will use their interdisciplinary skills and competences as well as the facilities and resources here at Leipzig University to produce innovative, first-class research in the field of Yezidi Studies.
      Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Maisel, the three candidates approach their topics from different thematic angles (art, psychology, religious studies) using interdisciplinary methodologies and diverse sources and languages:
1. Zaid Khalaf Ali: The Bereavement Program for Yezidi Families
2. Musafer Qassim: Erhalt und Verlust jesidischer Symbole 21. Jahrhundert
3. Ilyas Isa: Die Tradition der religiösen Gelehrten der Yeziden – Die Träger der oralen Tradition
In due time, the YSC will publish progress reports of their work on our website.