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Congratulations to Nadia Murad: Inspiring Yezidi Students’ Academic Journey

The Yezidi Studies Center congratulates Nadia Murad on her graduation with a BA in Sociology from American University in Washington, DC. She accomplished this milestone in her academic career despite all the challenges she had to overcome. Nadia Murad stands out as a role model for many other Yezidi students, especially female students, who work on their dreams for education, knowledge and empowerment. Like she, many other Yezidi students were either prevented from going to school or had to leave school because of the discrimination they faced from their religious, political, and social adversaries.
The Yezidi Studies Center has as its core mission the improvement of the educational situation for all Yezidi students, in school or university. We offer guidance on how to continue your education or to obtain a university degree. We support research in Yezidi Studies from various angles in the humanities and social sciences. Assessing both formal and religious education especially within the Yezidi community is one of our main research topics.
We welcome the opportunities given to Yezidi students at universities worldwide and congratulate all of them on their academic success and accomplishments.

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