Yezidi Studies Center

Exploring Yezidi Religious Texts and Sites – Winter Semester 2023-2024 at the University of Leipzig

The Yezidi Studies Center at the University of Leipzig triumphantly concluded its second course, “Religious Texts and Sites in Yezidism,” during the Winter Semester of 2023-2024 at the esteemed Oriental Institute. This illuminating course, co-taught by Prof. Sebastian Maisel and Dr. Qader S. Shammo, garnered praise from students who lauded the depth and insight embedded in the curriculum.

Throughout the seminars, the educators zeroed in on a specialized facet within the burgeoning field of Yezidi Studies. This discipline, aimed at a comprehensive and interdisciplinary exploration of Yezidi religion, society, and culture, delved into the sacred texts and sites integral to the Yezidi identity. Both in the historical homeland and the diaspora, the sacred holds a profound significance as a representation of Yezidi identity.

Employing a sociolinguistic approach, the instructors meticulously investigated the impact, reinterpretation, and documentation of texts and sites considered sacred by various Yazidi communities. The curriculum encompassed the reading, understanding, and analysis of diverse text types, including translations, coupled with an in-depth exploration of the sacred Yazidi landscape through mapping exercises.

The Center’s unwavering commitment to delivering a comprehensive and distinguished education on Yezidism shines through, marking a significant milestone in fostering understanding and appreciation for this unique cultural and religious heritage. This course stands as a testament to the Center’s dedication to unraveling the intricacies of Yezidi identity and facilitating a profound comprehension of their rich cultural tapestry.

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