Yezidi Studies Center

Yezidi Studies Center in Cooperation with three Famous German Universities and University of Duhok Participating in a Big Project about Yezidi Genocide

 A project on Yezidi Genocide was achieved by Dr. Qader Saleem Shammo at Munich University (LMU) in Germany. The project cooperates with the Yezidi Studies Center, and three German universities: Munich University (LMU), Leipzig University, and Erfurt University, in addition to the University of Duhok. The project will look for the roots of Islamic hostility towards Yezidis and Yezidism by comparing historical and contemporary Islamic attitudes and behaviors. It provides a summary of the perspectives of Arab scholars prior to and following the 2014 invasion against the Yezidis. The primary aim of this project is to determine whether the recent genocide committed by the Islamic State (ISIS) has changed the historical stereotypical thoughts of Muslims toward the Yezidis and their faith, which had led to violence and genocide against them and were the cause of their persecution throughout history. Hence, this research rests on determining whether or not the Yezidis will be subject to more genocide, and it aims to provide different conclusions for preventing the occurrence of further persecution against the Yezidis by radical Islamic groups.

Cooperation with:

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Maisel, Orientalisches Institut, Arabische Sprach- und Übersetzungswissenschaft (Universität Leipzig) 

Prof. Dr. Christoph Günther, Department of Religious Studies, Chair of Muslim Cultural and Religious History (Universität Erfurt) 
University of Dohuk, Center for Genocid Studies 
Yezidi Studies Center

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Yezidi-Projekt – Institut für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten – LMU München (